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Novelty is a storefront providing Mickey Mouse Watches by Lorus and Disney; Character, such as Betty Boop, Goofy, Harry Potter etc; Animal and general novelty watches.
Watch collections The Comic Book Hereos Collection: these watch include: batman watches for kids, The Joker from Batman and Wonder woman - not to forget the great Spiderman.

Elvis Presley Musical watches and standard Elvis watches. The Elvis watches have become more and more popular, especially the musicals.
Animal Watch Collection: being animal lovers, we offer a large selection of wild and domestic animals. Our largest Animal Watch offerings are our dog watches.
This year the most popular dog breeds have been the Pug, Australian Shepherd, Boston Terrier and Dachshund. Last year the Sheltie, German Shepard and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Animal Watch Selection: Of the Novelty Watches Animal Watch Selection,  The best sellers have been the Cheshire Cat, Siamese and White Persian Kittens. Animal watches are becoming more and more popular. Our horse watch collection is appreciated by many, as Horse Watches are not easy to find and can be the perfect gift.
Character Watches: Betty Boop is loved by many and still is an ideal gift for Birthdays or Christmas.
Sport Theme Watch Collection: Our Sports theme watches, Snooker Watches and Golf themed have increased in popularity and will be expanded in the near future Our general Novelty Watch Collection: Just pure novelty, like our Smiley Face watc and The Simpsons with Bart, Itchy and Scratchy, Raphie eating paste and Homer who looks like he has had too much to drink! Kermit the Frog and Happy Pig always bring on a chuckle.